How to Immigrate to Canada as an Accountant

Immigrate for financial freedom today. Canada is a land rich in diversity and opportunity. Now many of you might be thinking it’s impossible to immigrate to Canada as a regular individual. Well, that's actually not true, but with the help of a trusted professional, it’s a different story. In this article, we’ll reveal how to immigrate to Canada as an accountant. The process is far more simple than you can imagine and we will be there with you every step of the way, securing your entry into this beautiful country and community.       

Accountants are one of the key-demand occupations in Canada at the moment as well as around the world. As an accountant in Canada, you would be a respected member of the community and earn enough money to support you and your family all whilst living a great quality of life in a country that takes great pride in looking after its people.  

If you are already in the financial industry then you would be well aware that a qualification in the financial industry is worth its weight in gold. We can show you how to immigrate to Canada as an accountant effortlessly. Not only will leading business acumen put you at the forefront of the job market in Canada, but accountants are also in constant demand and this means job security for you in Canada.    

How to Go About Finding Accounting Jobs in Canada

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If you are seeking ways on how to immigrate to Canada as an accountant then you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer excitement of arriving and then securing a steady job. Finding an accounting job in Canada is simply a matter of tapping into your own personal set of skills. Accountants are highly organized people and very methodical. By being proactive, you can get your CV noticed by the right people in the right places.  

Every occupation on the Canadian NOC List is assigned an immigration code and the code for those looking to migrate to Canada as an accountant is 1111 in the financial auditors and accountants category. This is also known as the NOC Code for accountants Immigrating to Canada. 

In order to migrate to Canada as a qualified accountant under NOC code 1111, you’ll need chartered or regulated status in your home country. In addition to this chartered status, you’ll also need an undergraduate degree. This undergraduate degree needs to be in addition to your Chartered status even though the professional levels of the Chartered exams can be deemed to be of Masters level or higher.  

Think with foresight, get noticed, get yourself into recruitment agencies and your dream accounting job in Canada could be yours in just a few short weeks. 

What Can I Earn as an Accountant in Canada?  

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The average accountant salary in Canada is $57,500 per year or $29.49 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $33,327 per year while most experienced workers make up to $87,500 per year.

This is a fantastic salary in Canada and would afford a family with the opportunity to make a decent life for themselves.   

Canada Needs Skilled Workers Everywhere

From Montreal to Ontario, Canada is in need of skilled workers to grow their economy and help the country reach its full potential. If you’ve been wondering how to immigrate to Canada as an accountant, then you will be delighted to know that the country not only needs your expertise but also your highly acclaimed skills.

Some of the places in Canada that currently require accountants desperately are Nova Scotia, Alberta, British Columbia, and News Brunswick. That is obviously not to say that the rest of the country doesn't hold your qualification in high regard. If you are looking for a way on how to immigrate to Canada as an accountant, can make your dreams a reality in a few simple steps.  

Simple Steps for Immigrating to Canada

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Are you still looking for a way to immigrate to Canada as an accountant? has all the solutions for you in one company that will take care of all your logistical issues when it comes to securing your Canadian visa.  

Taking your first step towards immigration can be daunting, however, we make your dreams come true effortlessly with our team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. 

The Federal Skilled Worker Program offered by Canada improves your chances of succeeding in immigrating to Canada as an accountant. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is aimed at skilled workers that would like to become permanent Canadian residents. As long as your skills are required in the county and you seem like a good match for the country’s ever-growing and diversified population, then this type of visa is definitely the way to go.

One of the first steps you need to take to find out how to immigrate to Canada as an accountant is to make an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by filling out an online Express Entry profile.  

Based on the outcome of your form you obtain a score under Express Entry’s comprehensive ranking system (CRS), which determines your ranking in the pool of eligible candidates. 

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant with Provincial Nomination

People looking to immigrate to Canada will also be delighted to know the country has a Provincial Nomination scheme. This scheme can boost your CRS score by 600, almost guaranteeing you entry into the country. 

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), is an immigration program, which allows Canada’s provinces and territories to nominate candidates for immigration. A vast array of these provinces are looking specifically for accounting professionals.  

You’ll be a Canadian Permanent Resident right from the start if you are chosen for the Nominee Program, although you’ll be expected to live and work in the nominating province for a period of two years. After those two years, you’ll be free to live and work anywhere in Canada.  

The great thing is that Canada keeps your profile in the pool of candidates for one year, which means you are in line to become an eligible Canadian citizen for that duration as long as the raffle continues. Once you are accepted into Canada, you receive permanent residence, allowing you to live in Canada for as long as you choose.   

Change your life, take control of your destiny, and make Canada your new home with our help!