US Immigration Halted For 2020

It’s official, the US government has put a freeze on all work and immigration applications for the rest of 2020. It is incredible how a county built on immigration could become an anti-immigrant administration with strong xenophobic undertones coursing through government and the civillian population in such a short span of time. In Canada, we are trying our very best to learn from the mistakes being made by the USA. We fully understand that immigration is key to building a strong and successful economy, and that is why our Prime Minister, Mr Trudeau, has ensured that the Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC) continues to invite skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers from all over the world to become permanent residents in our ever increasingly multicultural country. In short, if you want to live and work in Canada, you still can.

Why is Canadian Immigration Continuing

Prime Minister Trudeau-Canadian Immigration Continues

While President Trump's administration argues that they are not allowing any more green cards or working visas to be issued in 2020 to protect American jobs, Canada has a different stance. We believe that immigration creates jobs, as economies grow more jobs are created in the medium to long term. The Canadian government is looking at the issue in a macro sense as opposed to a micro like the US.

Jobs in Canada

Canada is looking to the future, and while unemployment is increasing as a result of the CoronaVirus pandemic, there remains a vast amount of open positions in the Canadian job market. Canada still relies very strongly on seasonal workers during peak times of the year for different sectors, for example harvesters and pickers at the end of summer and retail, hospitality and packaging workers in the months leading up to the Christmas period. Highly skilled and qualified people are always sought after and there are numerous immigration pathways that lead to permanent residency for all who are willing to contribute to the Canadian economy.

The Provincial Nomination Program, which has continued to run throughout the year in conjunction with the Express Entry system, allows individuals to apply directly to specific Canadian provinces for a nomination for permanent residency. If your skills or qualifications meet the demands of that province, they will endorse your nomination.

Special CoronaVirus measures surrounding immigration and the protection of foreign workers in Canada have been instituted to protect Canadian residents and citizens as best as possible, and the IRCC continues to monitor the status of the pandemic closely, re-opening application processing of the various immigration pathways as soon as it is effectively safe to do so. The issue of work-permits and the processing of permanent residency applications continues to go ahead as we look forward to the continuation of the various other immigration programs.

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Immigrate to Canada - Express Entry

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