Canadian Visa Scam: How to Spot The Red Flags

A multitude of Canadian visa scams has arisen in the last few years. To the untrained eye, these companies could come off as legit, but we are going to give you 4 red flags to look out for to ensure that you are able to separate the real from the fake when it comes to Canadian immigration companies.

Red Flag 1-If Something Feels Off, It Probably Is

This may seem strange, but it is quite important to pay attention to that little voice that tells you something is not right. This usually comes when you feel pressure from the company you are dealing with to hand over your card details. A reputable company would never request your private banking details or passwords.

Red Flag 2-Poor Online Presence

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What a company presents about itself online can be a telling sign of its credibility. If you look at their website, and it seems poorly put together or unprofessional, it is recommended that you tread carefully. A poor website has broken links, poor content and a lack of essential online documentation such as a privacy policy or terms and conditions. In addition, a look at the social media of a company can give you some information too. A legit company will be active with regards to posting and responding to comments and concerns from users. Have a look at the comments and see how and if the company responds. If there is a lack of response. This should be an indication that something is not right.

Red Flag 3-No Mention of Regulated Consultants

If a company claims to have a team of experts who are well equipped to handle your visa application but fails to make mention of who these people are, that’s a red flag. In addition, the team needs to consist of registered RCIC members and if this information is nowhere to be found, it’s a telling sign of a lack of legitimacy.

Red Flag 4-Bad Reviews

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A simple google search of the company you are dealing with will show you what other people are saying about the company. No company is going to only have positive reviews but if the negative comments outnumber the praises, you are likely dealing with a company that is either incapable or downright fraudulent. For a list of reviews of Canadian immigration companies see here.

What Does A Trustworthy Immigration Company Look Like?

Now that you know what to look out for with regard to fraudulent companies, it may be helpful to know how to recognize a credible one. A trustworthy immigration company is one that is regulated, and that is represented by a team of registered RCIC’s. In addition, the content on their website should be up-to-date and useful to potential applicants. It should clearly outline the services offered by the company as well as the presence of essential online documents like the privacy policy and terms and conditions. The social media of a reputable company will be regularly updated and have content that is relevant to immigration. A telltale of a trustworthy company is positive reviews online.

How We Can Help

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As a reputable, credible and regulated company, we are well equipped to handle your immigration needs. Our registered RCIC’s at MDC has helped many other people through the process of applying for permanent residence in Canada and will utilize the many years of experience they have accumulated to help you to do the same. Your journey to Canada begins with determining your eligibility, along with the application that is most suited to you. Take the first step to making your Canadian dream a reality today!