8 Spectacular Reasons to Visit Canada in 2019

There has never been a better time to travel to the land of snowy mountains, cosmopolitan flair and splendid wildlife viewing. If you’re planning to visit Canada in 2019, why not do it with the help of our visa experts.

To get you inspired for your journey, we’ve compiled a list of spectacular reasons to venture to this jewel of North America. These fascinating and fun experiences are sure to give you every reason to want to stay as long as possible in this diverse country.

1) Colonial Heritage Sites in Old Québec

Explore the historical quarter of Old Québec when you visit Canada in 2019

Discover quaint winding streets in Old Québec’s historical district where winters mean snowy and romantic walks past warmly lit shop windows. Smell the spices of warm traditional drinks and take home something that has been made locally from a store that opened nearly as long ago as Old Québec was built.

In the old part of the city you’ll also find Chateau Frontenac, which overlooks the St. Lawrence River that freezes over in winter, creating a sparkling stage for wildlife scenes to play out on. This castle is over 100 years old and is a working hotel that welcomes visitors from around the world. This iconic landmark combines fairytale French architecture with fantastic photo opportunities along the endless boardwalk.

2) Striking Wildlife in the Arctic Circle

You could spot a polar bear when you visit Canada in 2019

Head over to Whitehorse in Yukon which forms part of the Arctic Circle where the Northern Lights are a famously rare thing to see. Apart from exquisite photographic opportunities in the snow, there is also a lot of wildlife including caribou and polar bears that frequent Churchill in Manitoba as well.

3) Toboggan Runs Around Every Corner

Tobogganing is a popular activity to do when you visit Canada in 2019

One of the most authentic Canadian activities to take part in is tobogganing. Every city has designated tobogganing runs (you can’t simply sled from anywhere) such as St. Andrew Heights in Calgary, Parc du Mont Royal in Montreal and Dufferin Terrace in Old Quebec which will see you hurtling down the hill at a speed of 70km per hour.

4) Double-rainbows at Niagara Falls

See Niagara falls when you visit Canada in 2019

You can’t plan your visit Canada in 2019 without adding on a day-trip to the Niagara Falls. Due to all the light bouncing off of masses of water, it’s no wonder there are so many rainbows to see!

Another special experience is to wander through the original tunnels that run underneath the main attraction - Horseshoe Falls. Go 150 ft. below the main entrance to reach the lower observation decks that open up to the thunderous curtain of water.

5) Train Rides Through the Rockies

Take a train ride through the Rockies when you visit Canada in 2019

Navigate the narrow passages through the Canadian Rockies with one of Canada’s premier rail services. This is not only a wonderful way to absorb the radiant landscapes but also to get around this region without the worry of a car or booking additional accommodation. Many of these lines offer ultimate luxury and cater to all your needs while you’re travelling.

While journeying through the Rockies, you’re invited to trek out on a series of hiking trails as well as other adventure activities like kayaking or encountering wildlife in the heart of the fragrant forests.

6) Rock Formations & Whales on the Coast

Travel along the coast when you visit Canada in 2019

Travel to the Bay of Fundy for wondrous examples of unique rock formations thanks to millions of years of erosion from the salty tides. Head to Hopewell Cape to see the ‘flowerpot rocks’ which are so named because only the vegetation growing on top of these large stones is visible at high tide.

Another enchanting stop is Grand Manan Island, home to over 300 species of birds as well as gems formed by previous volcanic activity. There is even the chance of seeing beluga whales surfacing along the shoreline


7) Hot Springs & Fjords in the Forests

Hot springs and fjords are a great reason to visit Canada in 2019

In the Canadian wilderness you’ll find a large amount of hot springs and fjords. Cold temperatures ensure that the waters of the fjords remain frozen or at least a deep blue hue. The springs on the other hand are ideal for unwinding after a long journey or hike.

Sink into Banff Upper Hot Springs in Alberta that overlooks breathtaking views of the mountains, Takhini Hot Springs in Yukon which is rich in minerals or Miette Hot Springs in lush Jasper National Park, Alberta.

8) World-class Dining Establishments in the Capital Cities

Fine dining is one of the many reasons to visit Canada in 2019

While it’s all part of the Canadian experience to pour some maple syrup on your pancakes or do a tour of the craft beer breweries dotting Nova Scotia, there is something to be said about the level of fine dining available in Canada.

If you’re searching for the best restaurant in Canada, look no further than Alo in Toronto which serves the kind of opulent creations you’d expect from the greatest chefs globally. Otherwise try Kissa Tanto in Vancouver, a Japanese establishment that recreates a gritty Chinatown feel or Nora Gray in Montreal that serves Italian cuisine wrapped in a cosy and romantic atmosphere.

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