Immigrate to Canada from Angola

The world economy has been hit hard over the past few months, and it won’t get any easier in the upcoming months. Looking out for ourselves and our loved ones is and must always be first priority. This requires a good job and a government we can count on. Canada offers both, on a world class level. Canada offers hundreds of thousands of jobs and a social system that is the envy of many countries around the world, with free healthcare for all citizens and permanent residents and schooling for all children under 18. It almost seems like a well kept secret. If you are an Angolan national, skilled or semi-skilled, the time has never been better for you to start a new life in this diverse country with a booming economy that would value your skills and experience. If you are ready to start the process of immigrating to Canada start by clicking the link below, if you would like to learn more about what Canada has to offer, keep reading!

Why Immigrate to Canada

Mining jobs in Canada - immigrate from Angola

Employment opportunities

Through immigration streams such as the Provincial Nominee Program and the Express Entry Program, Canada is opening up hundreds of thousands of job opportunities to foreigners. The reason is that Canada’s population growth is unable to meet the rapidly growing economy’s demands. High salaries for semi-skilled and skilled workers such as butchers, engineers and IT professionals are luring people from all over the globe. Engineers earn an average of $83,270 and butchers $45,045 per year.

As a country that is also rich in oil and gas with a massive mining industry, a lot of people in Angola’s skills will be transferable to the Canadian job market. Much like in Angola, mining in Canada is a pillar of the national economy. As such it is an incredibly wide job market, with over 120 different positions. In demand professions in the mining industry in Canada include:

  • Haulage drivers
  • Lab Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
  • Welders
  • Everything from accountants, to packers, to cleaners. If you have worked in the mining industry in Angola, it is likely there is a position for you in Canada.

And just in case you do not find yourself within the sphere of mining, here is a comprehensive list of the in-demand jobs in Canada.

Permanent Residency

There are a number of routes to becoming a permanent resident in Canada. For those with university qualifications and experience in in-demand occupations, there is the Express Entry program. If you are a semi-skilled worker there are many other pathways to PR status in Canada such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot and the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot. There are strict requirements that must be met for all of these programs, and if you do you have a chance of becoming a citizen in a country with one of the best social service systems on earth. Keep in mind that public services in Canada includes free healthcare and schooling for your children, and for a glimpse at how well Canada treats its residents and citizens, have a look at there Covid-19 response.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Family Behind

Canada is serious about keeping families together. If you meet the minimum settlement fund requirements, you can bring your family with you.

Immigrants often worry about how they will be able to adjust, whether they will be accepted into communities and if they may face prejudices. Canada however is a multicultural hub, welcoming thousands of new immigrants every month, it really is one of the easiest societies to integrate into because as it stands, almost 25% of the population are immigrants. On top of that, a recent survey showed over 90% of Canadians would welcome someone of a different culture into their community. For a little more depth into what life in Canada is like, click here.

How Do I Get To Canada?

Immigrate to Canada from Angola

There are a number of various immigration pathways and streams that will help you on your pathway to becoming a permanent resident and even a Canadian citizen one day. The best thing for your Canadian prospects is to secure a valid job offer, following which you can apply for a Temporary Work Permit:

Temporary Work Permit Requirements

  • Your employer must have a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment;
  • which he must provide a copy of the LMIA along with a job offer letter or employment contract;
  • Once you have these, complete the required forms and submit them.

Once you have your work permit you can begin your journey. For some programs, such as the Provincial Nomination Program, you can apply for permanent residency at the same time as you apply for your work permit, as you will have a provincial nomination. For others, such as the Agri-food Immigration Pilot, you will need to first get one years’ working experience in Canada before submitting your application for permanent residency. If you want to find out which program you might be eligible for, begin by following the link below

Do You Need Help?

Immigrate to Canada and get Permanent Residency

There are no secrets or backdoors to quick immigration, it’s about following procedure and ensuring all documents are submitted complete and on time. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the process and we understand it can be overwhelming to take on. Making use of a Regulated Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will take all the stress and uncertainty out of the process so you can focus on getting yourself and your family ready for the exciting new life that is waiting for you on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Our RCIC’s are licensed by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and take great pride in the knowledge, skills and ability to successfully aid hopeful candidates into our beautiful country.

If you would like to take the first step in this process, start chatting to one of our RCIC’s by clicking the link below.