Moving to Canada from Ireland

Moving to Canada from Ireland is not an easy choice to make, especially because both countries have their pros and cons. 

The key, however, is not to decide which country is better but rather which country is better for you and your loved ones.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most important things that you should bear in mind before immigrating to Canada from Ireland. 

Below is a video of two immigrants who have both lived in Ireland, one of whom has moved to Canada.  

Take a look at their thoughts below.

Canada recently announced that they intend to increase it’s immigration target levels from 1 million to 1.23 million by 2023. But before you buy your plane ticket to the True North, you may want to take a look at both the good and the bad before you make the move to Canada from Ireland.

Why You Should Immigrate to Canada from Ireland in 2021

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Pro’s - Diversity

Canada is home to many different cultures, religions, and traditions from all over the world. With multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance at its core, it is known as one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Its main religions are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Judaism, offering places of worship and supportive communities in every province and territory

With over 40 languages spoken in Toronto alone, including English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, and Italian settling into Canadian expat life will be a breeze. Canada is also known for its liberalism, and became the fourth country, globally, to legalize same-sex marriage in 2005

Cons - Be Prepared for Some Culture Shock

Moving to any country can be daunting, and depending on where you're immigrating from, there may be a lot of new things to get used to. Whether it's the currency, the weather, or simply the way of life, there will be times where you feel a bit homesick but don't despair! Canada has various expat organizations and groups that you can join and you'll soon find local markets and restaurants serving international cuisine to fill that craving for your favourite meal from back home. One thing that we do recommend is getting your hands on some Vitamin D if you are moving from a relatively warm or hot climate to a colder region in Canada, as it will help to reduce fatigue and mood changes such as depression. For more information about what life is really like for expats in Canada, visit our blog here.  

Pro’s - We Celebrate the Irish Culture - Big Time!

Canada not only has a thriving Irish Canadian community but the culture lives on through vibrant St. Paddy's Day celebrations. The best place to celebrate is Montreal, Toronto, Saskatoon, Halifax, and Ottawa, where you can raise a pint of Sláinte Dry Irish Stout or a Guinness as you devour a good ol’ fashion hearty stew and enjoy some live Celtic music and dancing. 

Cons - You May Have to Work on St. Paddy’s Day

Although you will definitely get to celebrate St. Paddy’s day when you move to Canada from Ireland, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the day off work. Some companies, however, will arrange parties after hours and as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”.

Pro’s - Great Place to Raise a Family

Canada has one of the highest qualities of life in the world, with free public healthcare and secondary schooling, low crime rates, breathtaking landscapes to explore, and bustling urban city centers to explore, it is the perfect place to raise a family. Canada also has plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy, including outdoor adventures in one of 46 national parks, fun-filled trips to Canada’s Wonderland, as well as educational visits to museums and aquariums, Canada has something for everyone to enjoy.  

But with all these activities and fantastic options to choose from, it's important to do some additional research on your chosen province or territory to ensure that you know, for example, which cities are the most affordable for your needs as well as knowing how to choose the right school for your children.

Cons - Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada, depending on where you choose to move to Canada, can be quite expensive. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are the two most expensive cities to live in Canada, and Victoria (mentioned in the earlier video) is not far off, hitting the number 7 spot on the 'top 20 most expensive cities to live in' list. The national average for one person is about $2,730 monthly and about $5,158 for a family of four.   

There are many more affordable places to choose from, especially if your intention is to be able to save up as much as possible. For example, Winnipeg (Manitoba) is cheaper than 82% of cities in North America. What's important is to find a city or town that not only meets your needs but your budget too, and whatever that may be, Canada has a place for you. 

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Pro’s - The Weather

Canada has four glorious seasons and depending on where you choose to move to Canada from Ireland, the weather could be quite pleasant. To enjoy a moderate climate stick to the West coast, especially provinces such as British Columbia, or Ontario on the Southeast coast. If you want to avoid rainy cities skip Abbotsford (British Columbia), St. John's (Newfoundland) as well as Saguenay and Sherbrooke (Quebec). If you’re looking for great weather head on over to Calgary (Alberta) for 333 days of sunshine every year! 

Cons - The Weather

Although not as stormy as Ireland, certain provinces have very extreme temperatures, especially the further north you venture. Provinces and territories such as Nunavut and Yukon have some of the coldest temperatures whilst British Columbia and Ontario have some of the warmest places to live in Canada. Eureka (Nunavut) has some of the coldest temperatures, averaging at −19.7 °C or −3.5 °F while the coldest winter Canada has ever seen was in Snag (Yukon where temperatures dropped as low as −63 °C or −81.4 °F!

Pro’s - Great Job Opportunities

Canada has a wide variety of job opportunities, more so than Ireland and in various sectors especially construction, healthcare, and information technology.

There are currently thousands of great jobs in Canada for immigrants offering not only great salaries but great work benefits too. Canada has an average wage of around $14,00 per hour, which is one of the highest in the world. This ensures that all workers receive fair pay. Canada also offers great work benefits, including healthcare contributions, paid vacation, maternal and paternal leave as well as insurance, to name a few

To find out a little more about some of the top highest paying jobs in Canada in 2020, visit our blog here. 

Cons - It’s Competitive

Although there are various job opportunities, when you apply through a particular job-specific program, there may be limited allocations available. Although it can be very competitive to land a spot, there are over 100 immigration programs and visas to choose from, meaning that just because you may not qualify for a specific program that you had your heart set on, there may still be other pathways to Canada from Ireland. 

Your best bet is to find out where your occupation is in demand in Canada and apply for a Provincial Nomination (PN). PN’s are worth 600 additional permanent residency points and seeing as the average score is around 471, having a PN would all but guarantee your spot in Canada. To get one though, you would more than likely require a job in Canada. 

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Pros: Small Business Opportunities

Canada is a huge supporter of innovation and job creation and is seeking foreign business entrepreneurs who want to live and work in Canada through its business immigration programs. Whether you’re planning to immigrate to Canada by moving your existing business, creating a start-up, or investing in a Canadian company, Canada has a business immigration option for you. Be sure to take a look at Canada’s top 5 business opportunities, predominantly in industries such as agriculture, scientific and technical services, construction, wholesale and retail as well as hospitality and tourism. 

Cons: It Takes Time

The application process can be a lengthy and complicated process and going it alone may be a bit cheaper, but it will not give you the peace of mind that having a professional by your side, who has gone through the process themselves, will. The average visa application processing times range from 6-18 months depending on which program you decide to apply through. 

Pro’s - We’re Really Nice

We’re not only very welcoming in general but we are also known for having an extremely positive stance on immigration. We welcome over 400,000 newcomers into our community every year. According to, we are the tenth friendliest country in the world. We are also so apologetic that we have an “apology legislation”, stating that an apology does not constitute an admission of fault or liability. 

Cons: There aren’t any

What’s not to like about a friendly welcoming community. Sorry not sorry ‘bout it.

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