Top Tips to Prepare For Your Canadian Citizenship Test

The process of immigrating to Canada will always have the same end goal for all permanent residency applicants, becoming a Canadian citizen. This is because you have to become a permanent resident of Canada before you can take the test to become a true Canadian.

The added benefits of citizenship include applying to jobs previously reserved only for Canadian citizens, the right to vote, and, best of all, your Canadian passport.

So whether you are getting ready to take the citizenship test or are already thinking about your long-term plan to take it (nothing wrong with that we encourage it), here are a few helpful tips to help you prepare for one of the most fun and essential tests of your life.

Be Curious

Be Curious

This tip is more for those of you who are still some time away from your Canadian citizenship test, but think of it as a positive reimagining of that dull old tip: study ahead of time so you don’t have to cram.

When it comes to Canadian history, culture, the Government, and politics, always ask questions of your fellow Canadians.

If you find something interesting on the internet, don’t be afraid to dive deep down into the rabbit hole and read up on anything and everything Canadian. The more you know, the less you must force yourself to remember. Just remember to make sure you are reading from trusted sources.

Should you have the opportunity to travel to Canada on a temporary visitor visa, we encourage you to take that as a golden opportunity. The best way to sate your curiosity about a place is to go to it yourself.

Experiential memories are some of the most easily embedded and long-lasting memories. They’re embodied and tied to sensory memory,, one of the most easily accessible forms of stored information.

You can also expand the horizons of your sources of authoritative information about Canada by getting in touch with someone who is Canadian, knows someone who is Canadian, or has recently been to Canada. Ask this person as many questions as possible and get them to regale you with stories of Canada while paying as much attention as possible to the information being relayed to you.

Take Classes

Take classes

There are always citizenship classes available that you can sign up for. Learning in a classroom environment is proven to be very effective. When you want to be there, your attention is peaked, there is discussion around essential and relevant topics, and you will retain information much better than by casually reading it yourself.

Classes also give you access to an authoritative figure, such as a teacher that can readily answer all questions and worries you may have read about your Canadian Citizenship Test.

Roundtable discussions with your classmates can be very effective in helping to consolidate your memory, weed out any false information you may have, and leverage the opportunity to learn new information from other students.

Read the Official Study Guide

Read the official study guide

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is the only official Canadian citizenship study guide; the book is available online to download in pdf format and audio format. Every question you could be asked, and the answers are available in this guide. Make this guide your nightly reading material before bed.

Put, treat the study guide as your bible and every piece of information written about Canada to you as gospel. We recommend reviewing some of the book's most important points with a highlighter or bookmarks and revisiting those pages as many times as possible.

Do Practice Tests

Do Practice tests

You will be able to find numerous practice tests online. Don’t use them as a shortcut to study. Start taking them only once you are confident in your ability to pass and without any materials to help you out; that way when you pass them unaided, you will be confident enough to ace the real deal. Here are three resources for good practice tests:

Study With Friends

Study with friends

If you are taking the test with friends, family, or a partner, don’t go it alone. Have regular review classes where you can quiz each other and discuss topics you may not understand.

Also, because of the personal rapport that you have with friends and relatives as a consequence of your familiarity with them, you may find it easier to ask difficult questions about pieces of information that you’re not sure about and would be reluctant to bring up in a classroom full of strangers. So, all in all, think of studying with friends and family as a free task as a free class!

How We Can Help You Prepare For Your Canadian Citizenship Test

Taking the Canadian citizenship test is the final step in your immigration journey. While it may seem the most exciting, there are a lot of steps before that are equally important, such as your permanent residency status.

Before you can apply for permanent residency, you need to know which immigration programs (there are over 100) you are eligible for, and you need to apply to those programs; that is where we come in.

By using our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), you will not only improve your chances of success in the visa application process, but you will get expert advice on which program is best for your specific needs.

Our RCICs are highly qualified and are granted permission by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CICC) to assist you with your eligibility evaluation, review all your documents and application forms, and submit them to the Canadian Governmentnt for you. So why take the chance of having your application denied because your forms are incorrect or sent in too late?


What Other Tips Can You Use to Prepare for Your Canadian Citizenship Test?

  • Make sure that you study well before the time that you need to take the test.
  • Get in touch with a Canadian and utilize their knowledge if you can.

What is the Worst Way to Prepare for Your Canadian Citizenship Test?

If you don’t browse the Canadian website at least once, you would have severely hindered your chances of passing the Canada Citizenship Test.

What is the Best Way to Prepare for Your Canadian Citizenship Test?

Reading about Canada, particularly the most essential things within Canadian history, and learning about the national symbols of Canada.