How to Apply for Jobs in Canada From Saudi Arabia

Are you in the market for a new job and thinking of working in Canada? Want to start a new life in the growing Saudi community in the Great White North? Then you must learn how to apply for jobs in Canada from Saudi Arabia.      

One of the easiest ways to apply is through job agencies, like the Canadian Job Bank.  

This is an online job searching program created by the Canadian government to help you find the right company for your skill level and work experience.

Want to know a little bit more? Check out the short video below that shows you how easy it is to start your own account. 


Currently, Canada has over 470,00 job vacancies making it even easier to apply successfully for a new job.    

Advantages of the Canadian Job Bank

The Canadian Bank Application covers:

  • Job alerts on your phone;
  • Tool and reports for your job market;
  • Latest trends in your occupation that covers wages, job openings, skill requirements, and wages; and
  • Specified market news in your industry for each Canadian city

Most Popular Job Search Programs

There is also a fairly long list of job listing companies you can sign up with as well if you want to spread your CV around.     

Why not check out the following list of job search companies to find the right one for your job?

Eluta is known for:
  • Having Canada’s top 100 employers on its services and is widely popular with over 6 million users during the year
Indeed offers a variety of services like:
  • Career guides and tips to help you pursue your career as well as a hiring lab and daily blog to keep you updated on your job market
Jobboom is an area-specific job search engine:
  • They focus on the Quebec job market and also include resources like job advice, training courses, and online contracts
LinkedIn is a more recent job search company that focuses on:
  • Showcasing your LinkedIn CV as well as letting you advertise yourself through online learning courses. LinkedIn also lets you see who has viewed your profile and has daily job search notifications that allow you to chat with prospective employers
Monster also offers a selection of useful resources besides job postings like:
  • Job interview tips, career developments, CV tips, and other career advice to help boost your chances of finding a job

Get a Job Sponsorship with the Global Talent Stream (GTS)

The Global Talent Stream allows select talented and experienced workers to get sponsored by specific IT companies when these companies cannot find local talent to fill in these labour gaps.  

The GTS also has one of the fastest processing speeds, since it only takes around two weeks to complete! 

Just a friendly tip - avoid all companies that insist you pay them to apply for a job! These could be possible scams created by companies that have no intention of assisting you!    

Get Ready for a Skype Interview

Skype interview

Most likely, you will have to do an interview over Skype if you are a Saudi resident looking for work in Canada. This is an easy way for your potential employers to see if you are a good fit in their company.           

Should you get into an interview, make sure that you at least have:

Good internet speeds so that your Skype call does not lose connection halfway through your interview;
A quiet and well-lit area, because your interviewers want to see and hear your answers. Sitting in a loud parking lot will not leave a good impression;
A fully charged laptop or cellphone to Skype call with. It is not a valid excuse if your phone or laptop shuts down, it only means that you plan poorly; and
Planned answers for certain interview questions that always end up being asked, for example, talk about your weaknesses, why are you leaving your old job, etc.

How to Immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia

Are you still worried about how to apply for jobs in Canada from Saudi Arabia? You do not have to be. Some Canadian visa programs do not even need you to have a valid Canadian job offer to apply, especially under the Express Entry Canada system!  

Before you start looking for a job in Canada, why not learn more about how to immigrate there first? Now you can with our detailed article on how to immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia. It is a comprehensive article, which tells you everything you need to know about IELTS exams, police reports, biometrics, and basically, everything you need to know in order to get started with your Canadian visa application process.  

But if you would like to kick start your immigration journey, just sign up for your Canadian visa application right here and we will be in touch with you soon to get started on your Canadian immigration case.