Top Jobs in Canada for Jamaicans in 2023

The majority of Jamaican immigrants who come to Canada choose to live in the census-designated places of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Hamilton. Since the 1960s, more Jamaicans are living in Canada than ever. Jamaicans are now present in every major Canadian city and work in various fields.

Jamaicans looking for top jobs in Canada will find many opportunities. With its strong economy and vibrant culture, Canada is an attractive destination for Jamaicans looking to work and advance their skills. The Canadian job market offers diverse roles, from finance and technology to healthcare and hospitality. With numerous top employers in the country, Jamaicans can easily find a job that fits their skills and interests.

Moreover, the Canadian government supports immigrants with various programs to help them make a successful transition. This article will provide an overview of the top jobs in Canada for Jamaicans with salaries acquired from Indeed and Talent.

Top 5 Jobs in Canada For Jamaicans

Top 5 Jobs in Canada For Jamaicans


TEER Level NOC Code Job Description Salary (in CAD)
4 64300 Hospitality Professionals $43,402

Hospitality is the business of providing services related to food, accommodation, entertainment, and leisure. Hospitality involves many types of businesses, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, and events. Hospitality professionals are responsible for creating a hospitable and enjoyable experience for their guests and managing their expectations.


TEER Level NOC Code Job description Salary (in CAD)
0 70010 Construction managers 92,716
5 75110 Construction trades helpers and laborers 40,950
2 72310 Carpenters 52,733

Construction/laborers/carpenters are essential to the building and construction industry, providing the hands-on skills and labor needed to build or renovate structures or buildings. They are responsible for reading blueprints, laying out foundations, creating structures with wood, concrete, and other building materials, and ensuring the worksite's safety. In addition, they may be required to use various tools and machinery.

Truck Drivers

TEER Level NOC Code Job Description Salary (in CAD)
3 73300 Truck Drivers $47,049

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods and equipment from one place to another using large vehicles. They are responsible for ensuring that the load is secure, that the vehicle is kept in good condition, and that the truck is operated safely.

Electrical & Electronics Engineers

TEER Level NOC Code Job Description Salary (in CAD)
1 21310 Engineers $71,003

Electrical & Electronics Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They may also be involved in research and development and troubleshooting problems with existing systems.

Agricultural Worker

TEER Level NOC Code Job Description Salary (CAD)
TEER 2 NOC82030 Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors 37,050
TEER 4 NOC84120 Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators 36,026

Agricultural workers are responsible for tending to crops and livestock to produce food and other agricultural products. They may also be involved in planting, harvesting, and managing the land and resources used to grow crops and raise animals.

Jobs in Canada for Jamaicans with Visa Sponsorship

Prospective Jamaican workers looking to explore job opportunities in Canada have a range of platforms at their disposal, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Job Bank Canada. Indeed is a fantastic resource due to its user-friendly interface and extensive job listings. Indeed becomes an invaluable tool for Jamaicans seeking Visa Sponsorship or specific job openings tailored to their needs. By inserting relevant keywords like "sponsorship visa" or "jobs for Jamaicans," job seekers can swiftly navigate a vast array of vacancies suited to their skills and aspirations. Below are the best jobs in Canada for Jamaicans with visa sponsorship with their average wage, according to

Jobs in Canada for Jamaicans with Visa Sponsorship
Occupation Average Pay (CAD) NOC
Jamaican Cook 35,000 - 55,000 63200
Master Grower 45,000 - 70,000 80021
Caregivers 30,000 - 45,000 44101
Fishermen and Women 30,000 - 50,000 83121
Customer Service 30,000 - 45,000 64400
Carpenters 40,000 - 60,000 72310
Mechanical Engineers 65,000 - 95,000 21301
Landscapers 35,000 - 50,000 22114
Welder 45,000 - 70,000 72106
Pipe Fitter 50,000 - 75,000 72301
Forklift Operator 30,000 - 45,000 72500

Canada Work Program for Jamaicans

Canada Work Program for Jamaicans

Temporary Foreign Worker’s Permit (TFWP)

One of the best Canadian work programs for Jamaicans in 2023 is the Temporary Foreign Worker’s Permit (TFWP). The TFWP is a program designed to address Canadian labor shortages by temporarily allowing employers to hire foreign workers for specific roles. Jamaican individuals with relevant skills and qualifications can find opportunities in various industries, such as agriculture, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

To be eligible for the TFWP, Jamaican applicants must have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer and obtain a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The LMIA ensures that hiring a foreign worker will not negatively impact the job market for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The TFWP grants Jamaican workers the chance to gain valuable international work experience, earn a competitive salary, and immerse themselves in Canada's vibrant cultural landscape. While the permit allows temporary employment, it can be a stepping stone for individuals seeking to transition to permanent residency in Canada through various immigration pathways.

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP)

Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) is a popular immigration program that enables Canadian farmers to hire foreign workers to help with agricultural work during peak seasons. Each year, Canadian farmers hire roughly 10,000 Jamaicans through the SAWP to fill temporary and seasonal positions in the fields.

The SAWP provides a great opportunity for Jamaicans to gain work experience in Canada and can help them eventually apply for permanent residency. The program also gives them access to much-needed services, such as health care, while they are in Canada.

To be eligible for the SAWP, workers must meet certain criteria. They must be between 18 and 65, and have a work permit, a valid passport and visa for their intended destination. Additionally, they must have the qualifications and experience for the job and be physically fit.

For Canadian farmers, the SAWP is a great way to hire temporary help during peak seasons when there is a shortage of workers. It helps to increase productivity and keeps costs down. For Jamaican workers, it is a great opportunity to gain work experience in Canada and increase access to services while in the country.

Caregiver Programs

Canada's caregiver programs offer a unique pathway for Jamaicans seeking to work in Canada while providing essential care and support to families in need. These programs are designed to address the increasing demand for caregivers in the country, providing an opportunity for Jamaicans with caregiving experience to pursue rewarding careers in Canada.

Home Child Care Provider Program (HCCP)

Jamaicans interested in working as a caregiver for children in Canada can explore the Home Child Care Provider Program. This program allows qualified individuals to obtain a work permit to provide childcare services to Canadian families. Successful applicants will be able to live and work in Canada while enriching the lives of children in a nurturing environment.

Home Support Worker Program (HSWP)

The Home Support Worker Program is another option for Jamaicans with caregiving experience. Through this program, individuals can apply for a work permit to provide care and support to elderly or disabled individuals in Canadian households. By assisting with daily activities and household tasks, caregivers play a vital role in improving the quality of life for those in need.

Eligibility Requirements

While specific eligibility criteria may vary for each caregiver program, common requirements include:

  • Relevant caregiving experience
  • A valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Language proficiency in English or French
  • Meeting health and security standards

Jamaicans considering these programs should carefully review the specific eligibility guidelines provided by the Canadian government.

Application Process

The application process for caregiver programs typically involves obtaining a positive labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Once the LMIA is secured, caregivers can apply for a work permit through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or their nearest visa office in Jamaica.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

One of the significant advantages of caregiver programs in Canada is the potential pathway to permanent residency. After gaining sufficient work experience as a caregiver, individuals may be eligible to apply for permanent residency through various immigration streams, such as the Caregiver Pathway or the Express Entry system.

Jamaicans considering the caregiver programs in Canada should understand the application process and requirements. Seeking professional immigration advice can provide invaluable guidance in navigating the journey toward a fulfilling and rewarding caregiving career in Canada.

Work and Travel Programs in Canada for Jamaicans

Canada's Work and Travel programs offer an incredible opportunity for Jamaicans to experience the country's rich culture while gaining valuable work experience. These programs enable young individuals to immerse themselves in Canada's diverse landscape, build international networks, and explore different career paths.

Summer Job Programs

Many Canadian employers hire international students and youth during summer to meet seasonal demands. Jamaicans can explore these temporary job opportunities and experience Canada's vibrant summer months.

Internship Programs

Canada's Internship programs provide Jamaican students and recent graduates with practical work experience related to their fields of study. This hands-on training can be invaluable for future career growth.

Au Pair Program

Jamaicans interested in childcare and cultural exchange can join the Au Pair program. Participants live with a Canadian host family, providing childcare and assistance with household tasks while experiencing Canadian family life.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

For Jamaicans with agricultural experience, SAWP offers temporary employment in Canada's agriculture sector. Participants assist with planting, harvesting, and other farm-related activities for a specific period.

Resort Jobs

Canada's ski resorts and tourist destinations hire international workers to support their operations during peak seasons. Jamaicans can find opportunities in positions like ski instructors, hospitality staff, and more.

Before applying for any Work and Travel program, Jamaicans need to research program details, eligibility requirements, and application procedures. These programs offer professional growth and the chance to create lifelong memories while exploring the breathtaking beauty of Canada.

Why Work in Canada

Why Work in Canada

Canada has become an increasingly popular destination for migrants worldwide, including Jamaica. For many, moving to Canada offers a chance to find a better life and a better way of living. It often means access to better education, more job opportunities, and a greater quality of life.

The decision to move from Jamaica to Canada is often difficult, as it involves leaving friends and family behind. It also means adapting to a new culture and language. However, many Jamaican migrants find they can successfully transition to Canadian life and thrive in their new country.

For those considering the move, it is important to understand the cost of living, the job market, and the visa process. It is also important to research the community you want to live in and what you may need to do to make the transition easier. With the right preparation, moving from Jamaica to Canada can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Here are five reasons to consider making the move:

Economic Stability

Canada has a strong and stable economy that is highly attractive to people looking to start a new life. Canada is also very prosperous and ranks highly on the Human Development Index.

Learn more about Canada’s Economy.

Quality Education

Canada's education system is world-renowned and provides excellent opportunities to further your education. The country also offers generous grants and loans to help you afford tuition.

Learn more about the Canadian Education system.

Quality Healthcare

Canada's healthcare system is one of the best in the world. You will have access to quality medical care and health insurance that covers most medical costs.

Find out more about Canada’s world-class healthcare system.

Diverse Culture

Canada is a multicultural society that welcomes people from all over the world and encourages them to share their cultural backgrounds.

Learn more about Canada’s unique multiculturalism .

Quality of Life

Canada offers an excellent quality of life compared to other countries. The country has a low crime rate, a clean environment, and a wide range of recreational activities.

These are just some reasons you should consider moving to Canada from Jamaica. It is a decision that could offer you many opportunities and a better future.

Work in Canada

Once you have determined which program you are eligible for, you can apply for a work permit which will allow you to work in Canada for a set period. Depending on your country of origin, you may also be eligible for other benefits, such as health care.

It is important to research the job market in the region where you plan to work, as this will help you to determine which jobs are available and identify the qualifications and experience needed for them. You should also take the time to learn about the Canadian labor laws and regulations so that you can stay informed of your rights and responsibilities as an employee.

Working in Canada can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a work permit, you can gain work experience and access services while potentially applying for permanent residency. Research the job market, determine which program is right for you, and take the time to learn about the labor laws and regulations, and you will be well on your way to a successful career in Canada.

Find out more about working in Canada below:


What Documents Do I Need to Work in Canada as a Jamaican?

To work in Canada, Jamaicans need to apply for a Temporary Work Permit or a Permanent Resident Visa. They must also provide proof of identity, such as a valid passport and proof of qualifications or experience for the job, among other important documents.

What are the Benefits of Working in Canada for Jamaicans?

Working in Canada can be a great opportunity for Jamaicans, as they can gain valuable work experience and access to better job opportunities. They can also benefit from Canada’s social and health care system and its advancement in education and technology. Moreover, they can enjoy the diverse cultural experiences that Canada has to offer.