Daily life

Starting your new life in Canada is exciting, however, there are also many customs, laws and legislation to learn.

Fun activities for a small budget:

There are many cost-effective activities in Canada for all ages and seasons.
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Cultures and religions from all over the world are celebrated in Canada including Black History month and Asian Heritage month.

Cost of Living:

Each province, city and suburb has its own set of living costs, as well as salary expectations. Find out the average cost of living in Canada.
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Will the Canadian government recognize my foreign marriage?:

You marriage will be recognized under certain legislation in Canada.
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Apply for a birth certificate for my Canadian born child:

For medical and identification purposes, it is essential that you apply for a birth certificate for your Canadian born child.
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Retired individuals in Canada are well-taken care of with many policies, legislation and facilities in place.
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Drivers licence:

Legally driving in Canada means that you will need a valid driver’s license. Find out about the latest application process.
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Shopping Basics:

There are many types of shopping venues in Canada. From shopping for groceries, to furniture and cosmetics, there is a location for all of your shopping needs.
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Insurance Basics:

Personal, car, medical, employment and travel insurance are in place to protect you and your family. Choose a reputable insurance company in Canada.
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Taxation system:

Tax is set at a federal, provincial and municipal government level.
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Canadian media:

Stay up to date on the latest news and information in Canada with local TV channels, radio stations and publications. Read more.





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