English Literacy Development

If you struggle to speak English as your first or second language, you will need to improve your basic reading and writing skills through the English Literacy Development Program.

The reality is that many immigrants from all over the world cannot speak English or French when they first arrive in Canada. It is therefore important that you spend time on this crucial skill as it will assist you in settling into a new country.

Information about these lessons can be found on your local school website, on the bulletin board in your local library, or at a community information centre.

ELD in schools

Immigrating to a new country with a different language and way of life can be difficult for many newcomers, especially children. Usually schools will need to assess the child’s language abilities when they first enter the school to determine the level of language ability.

ELD programs can assist children and count towards a high school diploma.


  • Integrated classroom programs: Your child will be placed in a regular classroom and will receive English-language support.
  • Intensive or Partial Support: Your child will get literacy support outside of the regular classroom for most or part of the day.
  • Tutorial Support: Your child is taught on a one-to-one basis or in a small-group.
  • Other Support: Your child can find assistance online or through special learning materials.

Adult language training

No matter what age you are, it is essential that you learn English. There are many classes available in your local neighborhood, with some conveniently taking place at night. These classes cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced language skills, and are all led by passionate and dedicated lecturers.

It is possible to find free classes in your local community centre.

What if I can’t make classes?

If you have too many things going on during the day and need an alternative to face-to-face classes, you can always apply for online training. This means that you can study online and your assignments will be marked by members of the Independent Learning Centre.