How to Immigrate to Canada from the UK in 2022

Over the years, Canada has attracted around 650,000 individuals from the UK. And for good reason! If it isn’t the diverse cultural heritage of the Great White North, then it definitely is the scenic views and job opportunities. Canada is one of the safest places in the world, and has a high quality of living. If you are from the UK and looking at how to immigrate to Canada, hang tight and let us tell you how.

How to Move to Canada From the UK in 2022

Immigrate to Canada as a Student

Many students from all over the world flock to study in Canada for many reasons. Canada’s education system ranks at number four in the world, and is also cheaper than that of UK learning institutions. The perk of studying in Canada is that it gives you sufficient time to look for work within the country after you have completed your course. Once you find a job, you will be one step closer to gaining permanent residence to live in Canada.

Here are three easy steps to apply to study in Canada if you’re from the UK:

Step 1: Choose the university you wish to attend, but apply to many. If you don’t get into the institution of your choice, you will have more options to look at. A few good universities to consider would be:

  • University of Toronto, Toronto
  • Ryerson University, Toronto
  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo City
  • McMaster University, Hamilton
  • McGill University, Montréal City
  • Simon Fraser University, Greater Vancouver
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • York University, Toronto
  • Queen's University, Kingston
  • University of Calgary, Calgary City
  • University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • University of Victoria, Victoria
  • University of Ottawa, Ottawa
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax

Step 2: Go to the websites of the universities and apply for admission. Bear in mind that you will need to submit an essay as to why you want to study at that particular institution. At this stage you should start gathering your documents such as:

  • A complete application form
  • Transcripts from past institutions
  • A certificate that confirms the completion of your secondary school education
  • A language test that shows proficiency in English or French
  • A resume that includes your achievements, volunteer work and community involvement

Step 3: Apply for a student visa (CIC study permit). This document will allow you to study and live in Canada. Foreign nationals are not allowed to stay in the country without a valid study permit. The requirements for the CIC Study Permits are:

  • Be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institute (DLI)
  • Sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Return cost for yourself and those accompanying you
  • Proof that you will leave once your visa expires.


Immigrate to Canada as a Worker

If you are from the U.K. and dream about immigrating to Canada to work there, the Express Entry system would be a good place to start. There are four programs under Express Entry:

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

If you have more than a year's worth of Canadian work experience you could settle in Canada through the CEC program. CEC immigrants are considered valuable assets to the Canadian government. They contribute economically and culturally to the development of the country.

Here are some advantages:

  • You only need one year of working experience in Canada or more
  • You can apply from outside of the country if your work experience is in the last 3 years
  • You don’t need to submit too many documents to qualify, therefore processing time can be as short as 3 to 4 months.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

The FSTP was introduced in 2013 to fill up the gap of labour shortages in the country. If you’re skilled at a trade, you can apply for FSTP for an easy way to permanent residence.

Before you apply, make sure you have at least two years of work experience in your trade, and that your trade is on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.

Easy steps to apply for the FSTP:

  1. Create an Express Entry profile
  2. Make sure you score well on your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)
  3. Get approved
  4. Receive Your Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  5. Apply within 60 days of receiving your ITA
  6. Do a security and medical check
  7. Submit your e-application to the IRCC
  8. Receive Confirmation of Permanent Residence
  9. Receive Your PR Card

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The PNPis similar to the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the only difference is that it’s controlled by the provinces. The PNP allows provinces to nominate candidates based on their own specific requirements within the province. In essence, one province's requirements, criteria, and parameters will differ largely from another province.

Who can apply for the PNP?

  • Student
  • Business owner
  • Skilled worker
  • Semi-skilled worker
  • Self-employed (only certain businesses)


Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The FSWP is one of the main economic immigration programs of Canada, apart from the PNP. It allows you to stay and work in Canada as a permanent resident without the need of a work permit.

To qualify for this program you will need to get a good score under the Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) out of 1200. The table below shows how the FSWP point system works out of 100, if you qualify you will be scored accordingly on the CRS.

FSWP points
Total pointsFactors
Maximum 25 pointsEducation
Maximum 28 pointsLanguage abilities
Maximum 15 pointsWork Experience
Maximum 12 pointsAge
Maximum 10 pointsEmployment
Maximum 10 pointsAdaptability
100Maximum Score
67Minimum Qualifying Score

Although the cut off score is 67, you will still need to be among the top candidates to qualify.

Immigrate to Canada Through Your Family

If you have family staying in Canada that are either citizens, or have permanent residency, and you are still wondering how to Immigrate to Canada from the UK, this could be your gateway to the life of your dreams. Not only will you get to be close to those you love, but you’ll be able to gain permanent residency if a family member sponsors your move to Canada. This is called the Family Sponsorship program.

People who are allowed to sponsor you should be a:

  • Canadian citizen or
  • person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act or
  • permanent resident of Canada

Who can they sponsor?

  • Parents or grandparents
  • spouse/partner
  • children (even if they are adopted)



What is a complex permanent residence application?

You application might be more complex if:

  • Contact information is outdated
  • If documents were not submitted on time
  • Dependents turned 18 since you applied
  • You added more dependents since you applied
  • Your dependents got married or had children after you applied
  • Background checks are still in progress
  • Medical exam has expired
  • Your marital status changed after you applied
  • You and your family member might not be eligible
  • You and your family member were asked to come for an interview

What is the cost of living in Canada compared to the UK?

Canada is comparable to the UK, except for groceries which are around 20 percent less expensive than the UK.

Comparing prices:

  • A three-course meal for two people would be around £44 in Canada, compared to £50 in the UK.
  • A monthly public transport pass is approximately £52 in Canada, as opposed to £65 in the UK.

Will I get free Healthcare in Canada?

If you’re traveling through Canada, you won’t get free healthcare. However, you will be able to access emergency healthcare service for free. Before you immigrate to Canada you have to have taken out private healthcare that will last for the duration of your stay in the province or region you will be staying in.

Now that you’ve seen the many ways on how to immigrate to Canada from the UK, there’s nothing left to do but take the next step towards chasing your immigration dreams.