How to Move to Canada From the Philippines

Many Filipino’s have opted to immigrate to Canada for the purposes of furthering their education, working, or settling in a country that has a superb quality of life. 

As of 2018, there are nearly 1 million Filipinos and Canadians of Filipino descent in Canada.

Most Filipinos tend to settle in five towns or cities in Ontario and British Columbia, namely:

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Calgary; and
  • Edmonton

Although these may be the most popular destinations to relocate to, they are not the only places in Canada that offer amazing opportunities for Filipinos. 

Keep reading to find out what it takes to make your dream of moving to Canada from the Philippines a reality!    

How to Move from the Philippines to Canada  

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Express Entry System

The Express Entry System was established to help solve the problem Canada currently faces with regards to having a shortage of skilled workers. Express Entry is undoubtedly the most popular route of over 100 available Canadian immigration routes.  Its popularity is rooted in quick processing times of as little as 6 months! However, its popularity does not mean everyone is eligible to apply through this program.     

The Express Entry System  manages three federal economic programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program - for highly skilled professionals such as doctors, nurses, and IT workers who intend to live and work in Canada permanently.
  • The Federal Trade Worker Program - for semi-skilled trade workers such as electricians, plumbers, and glaziers, who have a job offer and want to move to Canada permanently.
  • The Canada Experience Class - for immigrants with at least 1 year of Canadian work experience and a valid job offer in Canada

In order to enter the Express Entry draw pool, you would need to create an online profile with information about your age, work experience, education, and language proficiency in English and/or French, for example. You will then be scored according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and receive points. Draws usually take place every two weeks and if you rank the same as or higher than the cut-off score for that draw, you will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada!  

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was implemented to help empower Canadian provinces, enabling them to help fill their specific labour needs through specialized streams and immigration programs.    

For instance, the province of Nova Scotia has a shortage of experienced nurses, which has allowed the provincial government to tailor its PNP and create an immigration category under its Labour Market Priorities stream dedicated to bringing nurses from other countries. by streamlining the process of the application to live and work in Canada.

Most PNP's also have Express Entry-linked Programs, which means that instead of having to apply directly to the province of your choice, you would simply have to submit an expression of interest when creating your Express Entry profile. 

This will cut your application processing down from approximately 18 to 6 months! 

Are You an IT Professional?

You may want to take a look at the British Columbia PNP. It has specific Tech Draws that take place every two weeks and boasts two to three months processing times!  

Home Childcare and Support Worker Program

Canada has two new home caregiver programs, which replaces its previous Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP). The main difference is that as a caregiver you will not be required to live with your prospective employer as with the LCP.

The two programs are:

  • The Home Child Care Provider Pilot; and
  • The Home Support Worker Pilot.

They are designed to help 5,500 foreign experienced caregivers with valid job offers and at least 1 year of work experience move to Canada every year and help address the growing need for quality caregivers in Canada.

To apply to this program you will also need at least a one-year post-secondary qualification that is relevant to the position you are applying for and minimum language proficiency in English or French equivalent to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5.   

Why Canada?

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Free Healthcare and Education

Canada's free healthcare and education for its citizens and permanent residents is what sets it apart from many others and is a big draw for people who want to immigrate to Canada.  

Healthcare is subsidized by the Canadian government and in some provinces like Alberta, you may even qualify for free over the counter and prescription medication if you are under the age of 25 years old. For Filipino’s who enjoy free healthcare back home, this is a reassuring factor when making the decision to move to Canada from the Philippines. 

For Filipino’s who are moving to Canada with their children, the fact that education is subsidized by the Canadian government right through to secondary school is a big plus. In addition, Canada is home to 4 of the top 20 Universities in the world, so you can rest assured that your children will have access to world-class institutions of tertiary education. 

Employment Prospects

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Many people who move to Canada from the Philippines do so to seek out better job opportunities, of which there are plenty. 

Canada does not have a population large enough to supply its labour force with enough skilled workers, so they have turned to immigration to solve this problem. Through immigration systems and programs such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program, the applicants with the required skilled education and work experience are able to help boost the Canadian economy by fulfilling the needs of the Canadian labour market.

In addition to having a multitude of industries with job opportunities for skilled immigrants, Canada also boasts an attractive average salary of $1,050 per week or $54,630 per year. This is significantly higher than the minimum wage in the Philippines, and a major contributing factor as to why so many people choose to immigrate to Canada each year.

Besides the attractive salary and plenty of jobs available in Canada, you can also look forward to shorter work hours and paid vacations, and parental leave for both mom and dad! 

Immigrants are Embraced in Canada

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Canada is home to a large number of immigrants and in cities like Toronto, immigrants make up as much as 40% of the population. 

This is a reflection of the tolerant and accepting culture Canada has cultivated. 

Canada plans to invite over 1.2 million people by 2023 through over 100 immigration programs and visas and is dedicated to making the application process as accessible and simple as possible.  

If you are in the process of applying to move to Canada from the Philippines, you would be pleased to know that Canada is home to, and embraces a wide range of cultures, languages, and traditions. 

This makes transitioning and adapting to your new life in Canada significantly easier, not to mention that there are also a wide variety of Filipino community groups and organizations that you and your loved ones can join. 

We're Here to Help Make Your Canadian Dream a Reality

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With strict deadlines, procedures, and requirements to adhere to, it can be easy to make a mistake that could cost you your chance to move to Canada from the Philippines. But with the guidance and assistance of one of our knowledgeable Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC’s), the process will be stress-free.

When you choose to use our expert and government trusted services, you will receive: 

  • An in-depth eligibility assessment
  • Guidance on which of 100+ immigration programs and visas to choose from;
  • An immigration plan tailored to your individual needs;
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  • Support through every step of the application process.

All you have to do is fill out our application form to receive your eligibility assessment and let us take care of the rest. It’s just that simple! Your Canadian journey starts here.