Why Migrants in the UK Are Opting to Relocate to Canada

With the 2019 UK general elections, done and dusted, awarding Boris Johnson and the Conservative party the winning vote with 43.6% of the vote, and with Brexit resulting in the UK leaving the EU, many immigrants have been left feeling unsure of their future in the UK. 

Before the vote on December 12, 2019, Boris Johnson stated that he not only planned to “Get Brexit Done”, which he later confirmed by amending his Brexit bill to prevent MPs from extending the transition period further than the end of 2020. Johnson had also stated that he planned to reduce the number of “unskilled migrants” entering the UK.

This came from the fear that the already stretched resources such as funding for the NHS (National Health Service), housing as well as other public services may become exhausted if too many foreign nationals were permitted to enter the country.

Boris Johnson’s comment that non-EU nationals have been “able to treat the UK as though it’s part of their own country” for far too long, has both angered and offended many migrants living in the UK. It's no surprise that there has been a spike in interest in immigration from the UK to Canada since the Brexit, and Canada is topping the list of preferred destinations.  

Canada is one of the most multicultural, tolerant, and welcoming nations in the world, offering free world-class health care and education, up until grade 12, to all of its citizens and permanent residents. 

It has been voted one of the best countries to live in, with endless natural beauty and vibrant bustling cities offering lucrative job opportunities, what more could you ask for?

To find out how we can help optimize your Canadian immigration application, simply click the link below or keep reading for more details on the top 3 ways to move to Canada.

How Do I Immigrate to Canada From the UK? 

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The top 3 ways to move to Canada from the UK is through one of these 3 programs:

  1. Express Entry system;
  2. Provincial Nominee Program; and
  3. Student Visa.

1. Express Entry

The Express Entry system manages the 3 Canadian federal economic immigration programs and is aimed at skilled workers who want to move to Canada. It works on a point-based system known as the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) which ranks candidates according to factors such as your age, language skills, education, work experience, and adaptability to Canadian life. 

In order to qualify for the Express Entry system, you will have to have a skill type 0 or level A or B. Early childhood educators are classified as level B, which means that you may be eligible to apply for any program under the Express Entry system.

You will need to create an online Express Entry profile and will be entered into a draw pool, which takes place every 2 weeks, from which the highest scoring candidates will be selected to receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence in Canada.

2. Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program allows you to live and work in Canada if you are a skilled or semi-skilled worker and have a valid job offer that is in demand in a particular province or territory. Each province/territory has its own PNP with in-demand occupation lists designed to meet the individual needs of its labour market.

If you are successful in your application you will receive a provincial nomination, which is worth 600 extra points and can be added to your CRS points and will virtually guarantee that you receive an ITA for Canadian permanent residence.

3. Student Visa

Studying in Canada is one of the easiest ways to move to Canada and set you on the path to achieving permanent residence in Canada.

As a graduate of a designated Canadian learning institution, you may be able to apply for a PGWP (Post-Graduate Work Permit). This allows you to gain valuable Canadian work experience in occupations with a NOC (National Occupation Classification) code A, O, or B.  

This essentially increases your chances of receiving permanent residence in Canada through the Canadian Experience Class when you apply through the Express Entry system. After 1 year of work experience, you will be eligible to apply for the CEC and could receive permanent residence in as little as 4 months. 

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How Much Money Do You Need to Immigrate to Canada?

This, of course, depends on which immigration option you choose as each immigration stream has its own set of requirements, however, it is safe to say that if you intend on moving to Canada on your own you would need a minimum of $12,960 and as a couple a combined amount of $16,135 should be enough when it comes to settlement funds. For more information on how much money you will need to move to Canada, visit our blog here. 

How Long Does it Take to Move to Canada from the UK?

Once again, this depends on which immigration program you choose. The Express Entry system is known to be one of the quickest and most efficient immigration options to Canada, averaging at about 6 to 8 months but did you know that there are faster ways to get to Canada. For example, programs such as the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) have processing times of around two to three months! 

Can I Move to Canada from the UK without a Job?

Absolutely! The Federal Skilled Worker Program, which is managed by the Express Entry System does not require a job offer to immigrate to Canada. For more Canadian immigration pathways without a job offer visit our blog here. 

How We Can Help You Move from the UK to Canada

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By using a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), the immigration application process will be effortless but you are more likely to be successful in your application. Visas are often rejected due to insufficient documentation, misrepresentation, and forms that are completed incorrectly, to name a few. This is why using an RCIC is so important. When you use our services you can rest assured that your application and documents will be verified and submitted as per the government’s regulations. The Canadian government is also more likely to approve your application if they know that you have gone through a certified channel. 

Why risk your opportunity to make a new life for you and your loved ones in Canada? To start the process to move to Canada from the UK, simply fill out our application form to receive your eligibility assessment today and take the next step towards achieving your Canadian dream.