Canada's top 5 Cities to invest in

Due to the good governance of Canada’s overall economy, the country has for the last 20 years acquired a positive reputation of being a safe country to financially invest in. The Canadian real estate market is seen as arguably the best-placed industry to invest in, especially for foreign investors who consider thesafety of their investment as the top priority.

The market in Canada needs to be looked at a regional level, as markets vary provincially and regionally, from one city to another.


dusk over the city of Edmonton Canada

Edmonton has been on the top list of cities with vast economic potential for a long time, and in the last few years, the city has seen significant growth and improvement of its economy. The growth of the labour market and job creation, with people coming to work in the oil sands has led to many immigrants moving to the city, which has, in turn, created a healthy demand for real estate. The city is home to Alberta’s University, and the city is known as “Canada’s Festival City” due to the numerous festivals that take place in the cities thriving arts industry. The money spent in the redevelopment of the cities roads infrastructure cannot be overemphasized, especially the development of the Anthony Hendy Drive- the road network that connects all corners of the vastly growing city in Alberta.

Edmonton provides investors with a growing market, increasing population, and a forward thinking and innovative leadership. The political leadership’s sound policies helped the city to overcome the last economic downturn and achieve considerable market balance in the years after. The future performance of the economy,especially in real estate and housing sectors looks very bright and encouraging.


It is no coincidence that good economic performance and increase in population are usually linked together, and Hamilton is said to be located in the most densely populated and economically vibrant part of Canada. Previously pigeonholed as a hard-working steel town, Hamilton has thrived and transformed itself into a diverse economy. The cities economic strategy development team has worked hard to nearly move Hamilton to the top of Ontario’s Investment Towns.

The city has a new breed of entrepreneurs that are being propelled by the confidence they have in the economy and set the proverbial wheels in motion to create a major high-tech industrial park and contributing to the growth of McMaster University.

The town planning of the city has also been innovative and revitalised the entire cities real estate industry, as a matter of fact, the city has for two years in a row beaten its overall building permit value.


Down town area of Calgary city

Comprising of Canada’s Technology Triangle, many of the communities are becoming known as competitively healthy areas to invest in high-tech businesses. The improvement of the region’s economy in the last few years has led to significant opportunities for investment in the information technology sector. This has meant that the area has created asignificant amount of jobs and employment opportunities, and the commitment to infrastructure improvements and transportation sector will also help push the economy and the real estate sector.


After experiencing positive economic growth of just over 2 percent annually, the city saw a dip in the last few years but has since recovered from 2011 onwards. Usually, Winnipeg does not experience the up and down sort of economy experienced in other parts of the country, as the largest city in Manitoba it is able to feel the positive effects of the province’s expanding economy with employment opportunities and immigration of foreigners to the province on the increase.

International immigration is expected to increase under the provincial nominee program being undertaken by the government, and that will lead to more renters in the housing market, making real estate a very viable business for investment.


The second largest city in British Columbia, Surrey has experienced significant economic growth. Among the fastest growing cities in Canada, in the near future Surrey is predicted to overtake Vancouver as Canada’s largest city. With two border crossings to the United States, links to five major highways, and four railways, Surrey is destined for bigger things. It is an untapped city full of opportunities and in the best location geographically to do business with access to local, national, and international markets.

When reviewing Surrey’s economic history, it is seen as an area that is going through a period of positive transition, with theincrease in population and business opportunities and the growth trend looks set to continue for many more years.

There are many good things about Canada and the state of the economy and opportunities for business investment is just part of it. There’s a lot to be positive about if you are planning to visit or invest and live in the great white north.