Latest Express Entry Draw Issues 3,900 ITAs for Permanent Residence

The latest Express Entry Draw that took place on March 4, saw another 3,900 applicants receive Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence in Canada.

Applicants with Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores of 471, which increased by 1 point compared to the last draw that took place on February 19, received ITAs. This draw saw a record 4,500 skilled workers receive ITAs.

Yesterday’s draw brought the total number of ITAs issued this year to 18,700 which put the Canadian Government’s aim of inviting 85,800 candidates through the Express Entry system in good stead.

The Express Entry system manages 3 of the federal economic immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program; and
  • Canadian Experience Class.

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The Express Entry System

The Express Entry System

The Express Entry system is designed to help make the immigration process more efficient and accessible, which means that your Canadian visa application processing times can take as little as 6 months.

When applying through the Express Entry system, you will have to meet certain requirements based on the following factors, to be considered eligible:

  • Nationality;
  • Age;
  • Language ability;
  • Family members;
  • Education;
  • Work experience; and
  • Details of job offer(if applicable)

You will need to use these details to create an online profile, which is valid for 1 year. Express Entry draws usually take place every 2 weeks. Your Express Entry profile will be scored and ranked according to your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).

If your profile ranks among those with the highest CRS scores, you will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence in Canada. If you are not successful, your profile will remain in the draw pool. This means that you don’t need to reapply ro create a new profile for every draw. You can however continue to improve your CRS score after you have completed your profile. This way, you will be able to increase your chances of getting permanent residence in Canada.

If you choose to apply through the Express Entry system your profile could be selected by certain provinces or territories who are looking for your specific skills and work experience.

The best part is that 9 out of the 11 provinces and territories with PNP’s (Provincial Nominee Programs) have “enhanced streams” linked to the Express Entry system, allowing the possibility of your profile being selected from the draw pools to receive a PN (Provincial Nomination) to apply for permanent residence.

PN’s are worth 600 extra points, which means that just being nominated may boost your score well above other applicants and give you a better chance of success in the application process.

Let Us Take Care of Your Visa Application

Let Us Take Care of Your Visa Application

As an official immigration service, we offer guidance and assistance through the entire Canadian immigration process. Our certified RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) are extremely knowledgeable in all Canadian immigration policies and are permitted by the Canadian government to liaise with them on the applicant's behalf. All candidates will first be evaluated to see whether or not they can apply for one of 60 immigration programs, visas and streams. Once we know which options you can apply for, you can then confidently select your preferred immigration program and your designated consultant will ensure that all your documents are completed accurately and submitted on time.

When you apply for Canadian permanent residence with our services you essentially remove all the stress and complications from the immigration process, and with our high success rate you can rest assured that your application is in good hands as you gain express entry into Canada.