Foreign Workers In Canada To Have Easier Route To Obtain Permanent Residence

In a televised message broadcast on Canadian state TV last Sunday, the Minister of Immigration, John McCullum stated that foreign temporary workers in Canada will soon have an easier pathway to obtaining permanent residence in the country.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) will be modified, and a new parliamentary report on the issue has been also introduced. Further information in regards to the proposed modifications to the TFWP will be communicated in the coming weeks by the information Ministry.

The TFWP was created to give Canadian employers the opportunity to temporarily employ foreign workers in low-skilled positions. The TFWP also helps Canadian employers to cover many labour shortages that exist in and around the country’s cities. Many of the low-skilled temporary workers had complained of the difficulty and almost impossible route to obtaining permanent residence, hence the Government has made the necessary provisions to have the procedure modified.

The Canadian Minister of Information was quoted as saying “As agovernment, we noticed that those who come, in general, should have a pathway to permanent residence more so than is the case today”.

The last time the Temporary Foreign Worker Program was modified was in June 2014, this was due to the fact that employers at that time were overwhelmed with the process of hiring foreign workers, as the need to cover labour shortages increased than the previous years.

Many foreign workers have had to leave Canada since that time due to the difficulty of obtaining the permanent residence, and the Canadian Government through the immigration Ministry seeks to address this problem.