Is it Still a Good Idea to Immigrate to Canada?

This year has thrown many of us for a loop. Travel plans, out the window. Social lives, out the window. Don’t let people’s ridiculous instagram posts tell you differently, they’re fronting. If you have been considering immigrating to Canada, the past six months may have either seen you put those plans on hold, or become more motivated than ever to immigrate. Perhaps you’ve been motivated by your country’s poor response to the pandemic, perhaps by Canada’s world praised response. Let’s take a closer look at what Canada did right, and why it is still a very good idea to immigrate to Canada.

Why You Should Immigrate to Canada

Jobs in Canada

Canada Wants You

Even at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the Immigration, Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC) was continuously inviting those who had applied in certain categories to become permanent residents of our country. Namely the Canada Experience Class of the Express Entry System, which is for skilled and professional workers who have at least two years of experience working in Canada and applicants who had a provincial nomination. The Canadian government has never faltered in their stance on immigration; we want the best and brightest from all over the world to come over and contribute to our thriving economy.

Canada Needs You

The average unemployment rate in Canada is typically around 5.5%. During the pandemic it reached a terrible high of 13.7%. We can now happily report that the Canadian economy has added 953,000 jobs as businesses have reopened and the unemployment rate begins to fall. The most important factor for those considering immigrating to Canada is how you can secure a job offer. When applying for a provincial nomination, you should know which skills and occupations are in-demand in that particular province. When planning your immigration, plan smartly.

Canada Got Better, the United States Got Trump

We understand that you have quite a few options when choosing where to start your new life, but if you are choosing in North America, we would like to think the choice is pretty straight forward. Immigrants who arrived in Canada during the last six months had to follow the 14 day self isolation protocol. An automated service would call to check in on them daily, offer advice and cheerfully count the days off until they could cautiously rejoin society. The United States on the other hand stopped all immigration for the year, sent numerous hard working foreign workers back to their home countries and suffered more nonsensical decision making.

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again, It Will Be Better

While the year has been tough on a lot of people, in Canada we like to always look on the bright side of life. The pandemic has forced many business owners to reconsider their models and trim the fat. Job preservation is highly important in Canada as the government strives to have as low an unemployment rate as possible, because naturally this translates to a stronger economy. It has also created a massive drive into the online world of shopping, learning and other services. The new demands people have will directly translate into new jobs that will be created, both in place of and on top of any jobs that were lost.

Everything Great About Canada, is Still in Canada

All the reasons people come from all over the world to start a new life in Canada are still here. We are still one of the safest countries on earth. We still offer free public healthcare and education. We are still happy, friendly and welcoming. We still have maple syrup and poutine! We still have thousands of job and entrepreneurship opportunities for eager foreign workers. Best of all, we are still the most beautiful country in the world. So, what are you waiting for?

How We Can Help You

Immigrate to Canada

Ultimately the decision to immigrate to Canada will be up to you. Keep in mind that our RCIC’s can help guide you not only on the best places to find a good job in Canada, but also how to become a permanent resident of Canada and eventually a Canadian citizen. It is of the utmost importance that you follow Canadian immigration procedure to the tee, or risk losing the chance to become a permanent resident of Canada. This is where our highly skilled immigration experts come in.

By using our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) you will not only improve your chances of success in the visa application process, but you will get expert advice on which program is best for your specific needs. Our RCICs are highly qualified and are granted permission by the ICCRC to assist you with your eligibility evaluation, review all your documents and application forms and submit them to the Canadian government for you. Why take the chance of having your application denied because your forms are incorrect or sent in too late.

When you apply for your Canadian work permit and eventually permanent residency with our services you essentially remove all the stress and complications from the immigration process, and as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you can rest assured that your application is in good hands.

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