Your Kids Deserve only the Best: Why Canada is the Best Place to Move to With your Family

Moving to another country when you have your kids in tow can really seem like a daunting process. However, when the country you’re moving to accommodates kids in the best way possible in terms of education, career prospects and overall quality of life, it seems more exciting than scary. This is the case when moving to Canada with your family. Continue reading to find out how to go about it and how why Canada is a dream location to bring your family to.

1. Education

Education in CanadaMany parents want to do their very best to ensure a bright future for their kids. A bright future, a good job and a fulfilling life all start with their education. Being the number one country in the world with regards to the percentage of its population with degrees from a tertiary education institution, this is one of the most attractive reasons to immigrate to Canada with your children. Your children will be at the center of a culture that places emphasis on education by funding them right through to secondary school and encouraging further studies at any one of their top-notch, globally accredited universities.

2. Subsidized Healthcare

Healthcare in CanadaCanadian citizens are able to benefit from something that is quite uncommon in many other parts of the world - free healthcare. You can rest assured that the health of your kids will be taken care of in the event that you become a permanent resident of Canada. Although it doesn’t cover everything under the sun, the cover is extensive and even extends to over the counter and prescription medication for citizens aged below 25 years. Access to this healthcare usually has a waiting period of three months depending on the province, so make sure it is one of the first things you apply for upon obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

3. Maternity Leave for Moms, as well as Dads!

Maternity leave in CanadaIf you happen to fall pregnant after obtaining permanent residence and you are employed in Canada, you are entitled to 15 weeks of maternity leave during your pregnancy. Following the birth of your child, a combined 35 weeks of parental leave can be split between both parents. This is an added bonus that makes the pregnancy, birthing and postpartum process a lot more pleasant as a resident of Canada. Spousal support and being able to take joint parental leave facilitates an environment that is optimal in which to welcome and raise your new baby!

4. Canada has Increased the Age of Dependants to 21

Teenagers in CanadaMoving with kids who are a little older, but still dependent on you has just become a lot easier. They have increased the age of dependants to 21 in Canada, which makes the moving process significantly more convenient as your kids won't have to file an entirely separate application for permanent residence. Read more about these changes here.

5. Job Market in Canada to Provide for Your Family

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, but they simply do not have a population big enough to support and maintain the economy. Therefore, they have turned to immigration to solve the issue regarding a shortage of skilled workers. Because of this, Canada boasts a globally competitive hourly wage of $11 an hour and a thriving economy that makes it one of the most attractive job markets in the world. The shortage of labor means more opportunity in terms of employment prospects for you, as well as for the rest of your family.

6.Quality of Life in Canada

skyline in the city CanadaIf you are looking to improve the quality of life for your children and family, immigrating to Canada is the right move. With a booming economy and the development of many new sectors in terms of tech and digital development, the country is alive with possibilities. With an immigrant population that is steadily climbing towards the 30 percent mark, being accommodated by this beautiful country is not something that you will need to worry about. With a diverse landscape that can range from a bustling city to a serene mountain or seaside depending on which province you are in, there really is something for everyone.

Now that you know the upside of moving to Canada and taking your family with you, sign up so our qualified immigration specialists at MDC can help you through your options.