5 Tips for getting a job in Canada

Getting a job in Canada, like in any country, may seem like a very difficult task. According to the Canadian government, the best possible way of landing that dream job is to familiarize yourself with Canada and whichever province you want to live and work in. We have to agree, so we did our research and most of the provinces and towns offer advice and information about the jobs on offer in their region. Canadian-ize yourself and follow these tips to succeed in the job industry.

1. Know what Canadian employers are looking for

As we mentioned before, you will need to do your research. Look into the specific jobs themselves and what skills are needed, learn about the Canadian workplace environment, and research the specific company that you want to work for. If it means that you need to brush up on your skills with some extra classes and language courses, we suggest you go for it.

2. Start searching for specific jobs

There are many resources out there to help find a job in Canada, but the job bank may be one of the best. Run by the Canadian government, you can find any type of specific job listed in the country, all in one place. Another option is to use a recruitment agency who can source the jobs for you and ensure that you market yourself to the best of your ability.

3. Adapt your CV

Canada has its own way of doing things when it comes to résumés. Always remember to keep it short with 1 or 2 pages, adjust the CV for each job application, and include all of your volunteer work. If you have some wild activity on your Facebook and other social media accounts, we suggest that you clear it up. Canadian employers love to look through the accounts to get a feel for your personality. LinkedIn has become an important tool in the business world, so ensure that your account is set up properly and contains all of your latest information and experience.

4. Build your résumé with Canadian references and volunteer work

If you are already in Canada, you should start working on your volunteer experience. This is essential for any Canadian CV to really stand out and there are plenty of benefits. You will be able to gain reputable Canadian references, practice your language skills, build your network of contacts, and show that you are willing to work hard, even if you don’t get paid.

5. Be reasonable in your expectations

We have all been in that position when it takes longer than we thought to find a good job. Be patient, some Canadian residents can take up to 2 months to find a job.

When you do your research into the Canadian job industry, check the provincial and federal laws relating to the job industry and your rights as an employee. You should know what your minimum salary expectations should be, as well as health and safety regulations and hours of work.

While you are looking for a job, stay up to date on the latest news about your job industry. The job market is competitive and Canadian employers are always looking for candidates who are willing to continue learning.